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Date: 15th April Location: Chapter Theatre Cardiff. “La Casa di Dio” will show in afternoon and at 6:30pm – the 6:30 screening will be introduced by the producer. Just turn up or visit for full details. This is about Hellan Chapel and the Italian POW people

Daniel Sidoli featured in August’s SkyWings magazine Community

Daniel Sidoli wrote a short article about speedflying at the Lakes Charity Classic 2008 for SkyWing magazine. His flying pilot profile also featured in the same edition. Speedflying at the Lakes Classic By Daniel Sidoli In February I received a surprise e-mail from fellow speedflyer and BHPA instructor Gordie Oliver inviting me up to the Lake District with the promise of a party, food and local ale, but above all a scary helicopter ride to a mountain top along with the paraglider acro boys.

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Each Summer the Welsh (and English and American) -Italians take time out of their busy schedules and return to Bardi. With more bars per square inch than San Antonio, Ibiza, festas like Festa del Imigrante or bands like Jam with Robina playing, there is always something to do.


Arandora Star Memorabilia gallery pictures prodived by collector John Sidoli. A South Wales commitee has been formed to come up with an action plan soon to be published, to put a significant memorial to The Arandora Star disaster here in South Wales.

Cwmbach male choir in Bardi Community / Events / Galleries

31 maggio – E arrivato, ospite di Bardi, per tre giorni, proveniente da Montidelli dove ha tenuto il suo primo spettacolo nella chiesa di San Donnino Martire nella serata del 30, il famoso CORO MASCHILE DI CWMBACH GALLES che si e esibito, in serata, nella sala germitissima dell’auditorium di San Francesco.

Luisa's Toats to Cafe Customers Articles / Community

Article originally by Dave Edwards ( Dispite being 91 years old, Italian-born Luisa Carpanini loves nothing more than sitting in her cafe chatting to customers. Luisa, who was born in Bardi, opened the Cardiff Arms Cafe, Bute Street, with her husband Ernesto in 1947.

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By Mario Basini Location: Liverpool, England Along with thousands of others in Italian families throughout Britain, part of my mother died beneath the cold waters of the Atlantic one grey morning in July 1940. She had arrived in Wales 16 years before, a wild-eyed peasant girl from the hamlet of Pietranera on the road north from Bardi, then in the Province of Piacenza, to Boccolo dei Tassi.

Jam with Robina - Bar Centrale - 11 August 200 Community / Events

Jam with Robina do Bardi (again) It is that time of year when half of the South Wales valleys empty and head for the sleepy village of Bardi (which is fast becoming the “Monte Carlo” of Italy). With that in mind Jam with Robina are proud to announce the details of their annual motherland concert!

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By Dino Carpanini Location: Belmont Abbey, Hereford, England. Who said the Sun always shines on the righteous, as a grey morning greeted the early morning arrivals at Abbey of the committee members of the Amici Val Ceno for the annual Scampanagta.

Peter Marenghi Community

Peter Marenghi is today running the London Marathon and hoping to raise £10,000 for The Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre ( At the recent A.V.C. Cena we raised £125 towards his cause, we could like to thank all those who dug deep and helped Peter towards his goal.

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