By Dino Carpanini

Location: Belmont Abbey, Hereford, England.

Who said the Sun always shines on the righteous, as a grey morning greeted the early morning arrivals at Abbey of the committee members of the Amici Val Ceno for the annual Scampanagta. They soon got down to setting up the Boce` Rinks and various other tasks needed for the children’s sports. As midday approached the weather took a turn for the better with bright sunshine and a slight breeze.

Mass as usual was celebrated in the Abbey which was followed by the customary family picnic on the field. Gone are the days of just a blanket on the ground and a picnic of salumi con fiasco di vino nostrano ! Now it is all systems go with sun canopies, garden umbrellas and accompanying furniture. Table and chairs with the table displaying Italian fare which would do justice to any Trattoria, especially with the Michelin Star quality of the Torte Dolce!!

The afternoon entertainment kicked off with the, or should I say bowled off with the ever popular Boce competition 32 teams took part. The children’s sports, a father’s day race and a grand tug of war, with not only children taking part but also parents, aunts and uncles and anyone who could add weight to the event.

With the sunset the Boce` competition reached its conclusion, and once again last year’s winners were victorious, Eileen Peter from Telford in Shropshire in laws of Basini Gazzi. The runners up were John Carpanini and his nephew Alexander Carpanini.

Thus ended another successful Scampanagta, with many old friendships being renewed and new acquaintances being made. Attendance figure was up on last year, sincere thanks to everyone for they support and generosity in making this such a successful day.

For the friends of the AVC and their families who have not experienced this annual event please try and come along and join us next year to enjoy this really unique social gathering. Any further information regarding this or any other AVC events can be obtained on our website.

A special thanks to Gianluigi Fecci, Paul Guy & Alessandro Strinati for organising the Children’s Sports.

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