This years Scampagnata was a resounding success; the turnout was fantastic and it was great to see so many new faces. We would like to thank everyone who came – without your attendance the Scampagnata wouldn’t be the brilliant day that it is.

Congratulations to all the race winners – there were some close finishes and also a few tumbles! And for the second time in as many years the tug-of-war victory goes to the ladies! Gentlemen, you need to get practicing ready for 2016…! And last but not least, onto the toughest competition of the day…

The Bocce

Due to numbers, committee members gave up their places so as many attendees as possible could compete in the bocce. All teams were tense, but no one was as focused as last years winners – Gerard Opel and Paul Tambini. They fought hard to maintain their title but were knocked out in the semi-finals to make way for this years champions: Rob Jordan and Christian Servini.

The 2015 champions had a few post-win words to share…


It was nice to get the win under our belts and we would like to thank everyone we played against during each round, as well as the referees for officiating. The best match of the campaign was the semi-final against last year’s winners; it was great to get the win as we didn’t get to play against them last year. They tried to hide it, but we could see they were disappointed, however as Gez said; there’s always next year… Bring it on!

We’d just like to add that the experts are still scratching their chins on whether we defeated last year’s champions because they had drunk too much vino, or (as is more commonly believed) they simply hadn’t drunk enough vino! Either way, it was an historic victory – we’re incredibly proud and will certainly return in 2016 to defend our crown.

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