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Jam with Robina - Bar Centrale - 11 August 200 Community / Events

Jam with Robina do Bardi (again) It is that time of year when half of the South Wales valleys empty and head for the sleepy village of Bardi (which is fast becoming the “Monte Carlo” of Italy). With that in mind Jam with Robina are proud to announce the details of their annual motherland concert!

Jam with Robina performing at Bar Centrale, Bardi, Italy. Community / Events / Galleries

This years annual Maes Manor dinner and dance was a great success. This might have had something to do with the fact that the fantastic Jam with RoBina were performing! Jam with RoBina a.k.a. Mark Tambini and Romano Marenghi performed live on the night and copies of their self produced debut album Visions of a Runic were available to those who wanted to help support them!