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We’ve announced the date for out Pasta Night, be sure to come along! Please book your place before the day. Location: Maes Manor, Blackwood Date: Sunday March 11th 2012 Time: TBC Facebook: Attend event. Contact numbers: Mary Strinati.01443.771397 / Paul Pelopeda 01443.862634 / Giacomo Sidoli 01443.690631 Dino Carpanini 01443.430958 / Franco Tambini 01443.453426 / Angela Gatti 01443.831708 A.Vallario 01495.225781 / R.Sidoli 01656.783766 / R.

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UPDATE Our Pasta Night at the Maes Manor Hotel was again a successful evenong with Music and MC by Tony Kingsbury. Raffle Prizes included cloth and table settings woven in Ethiopia especially for this event. A new feature was a sing-along to the Valtaro Chorus Musette.

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One A.V.C.’s much loved pasta evenings at the Maes Manor Hotel, Blackwood, Wales. This years A.V.C. pasta and disco night was a hugh success. We were pleased to see lots of new (young) faces amoungst the guests. We hope everyone who came had as lovely an evening as we did.

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